Welcome Fortuna InfoSolutions!

Fortuna InfoSolutions, is a software development and business consulting company. We help our customers to build intelligent solutions to help in their buisiness process and hence underpin your commercial success. We care about your success and we know that best customer service is the key to our success.With competence in different fields like Custom Applications, CRM, Banking, Finance, ERP, Quality Assurance and endless list of expertise, Fortuna InfoSolutions will make your products and proejcts a grand success.We are a small but highly experienced team of professionals who cut their teeth at leading software outfits and have come together to bring you big company thinking within a small company framework.

Our Services

  • Software ServicesCompanies are becoming software dependent, developing & capitalizing on strong software capability. It is increasingly the mantra for competing in the new economy. Fortuna InfoSolutions brings in years of experience in offshore software development services and domain expertise to deliver maximum quality and value to the customer.
  • Product DevelopmentTFortuna InfoSolutions Offshore Software product development services (Shrink Wrapped Product Development, Product Acquisition and Enhancement, Product testing), aim to bring your software products to market faster and more cost effectively than your competition. With Fortuna InfoSolutions as your offshore product development partner, you can successfully realize your product vision.
  • Application ManagementOur Application Management Service relieves you of the burden of maintaining the legacy applications that are draining your budget. With our experience in managing legacy applications offshore, we know how to get the best out of your code. We can renew your legacy applications and make them productive at 50 - 60% of the cost that you are paying for internal staffing.